Welcome to eljay research. We are a research consultancy in the north east of England. We built this website to be different and to touch your interest.

We specialise in social and market research… in collecting information from people, in making sense of it, and in presenting this to you clearly, with focus. We design, undertake and analyse research.

Inspired. By us. For you.

Have a look through our website, click buttons, play tunes and get a sense of what we're about and how we can help.

Over 27 years of experience in fact. Enough to have worked with clients from not only across the UK, but across the world. And while this doesn't make us masters of everything we survey, it certainly helps.

What we've learned and honed, is how to make clients happy, how to tell a story with our research results, and how to produce reports that make people really want to read them.

We haven't just dipped our toe into research, we've paddled in it, swam in and crossed oceans to undertake it.

The a-z of research

We've researched:









Farmers markets

Guided meditation

Hackney carriages


and much, much more. But we'll stop at H before we run out of space…

Sometimes people know exactly the kind of research they want. Others appreciate ideas, suggestions, guidance and possibilities.

At eljay research we discuss what clients might want, what they definitely want, and what they hadn't even considered. In other words, we sit down and talk.

Use us. Let us harvest valuable information on your behalf, to:

✔ Establish who your current and potential customers are

✔ Assess perceptions, attitudes and needs of customers and clients in the context of improved service performance and delivery

✔ Find out how people's needs, circumstances and views may be changing over time and consider how effectively you are responding to these changes

✔ Evaluate how you can improve the services you provide

✔ Consider reactions to options under consideration and receive guidance about which direction to take

✔ Make a measure of demand and attract external funding

✔ Highlight priorities for funding and service improvements

✔ Make an assessment of the views of stakeholders, including service users and local communities

✔ Statistically measure levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with a number of elements of service provision

✔ Consider the perceptions and needs of your staff

✔ Make an assessment of current operational effectiveness

✔ Pinpoint tangible service improvements/modifications (based on the views of both service users and service providers)

✔ Provide performance indicators from which future change and service improvements/deterioration can be measured and monitored.

Options which include face to face, postal, telephone and on-site surveys.

And because sometimes statistics are simply not enough, we offer mystery customers, focus groups, case studies, and in-depth interviews.

We give you a range of options AND a choice of how much or little you'd like our involvement to be… from questionnaire design to complete reports.

Here at eljay research we're really partial to collecting a BAND of information. This is often what people frequently need, and find useful to collect.

This BAND consists of information which focuses on:

• Behaviours

• Attitudes

• Needs

• Demographics

When we research behaviours we get to understand habits, motivators, drivers, regularities, rarities and occasionals. We probe what makes people tick and what makes them stop.

We build on this by encouraging people to share their attitudes, their values, their beliefs, their perceptions. What makes them angry, sad, happy or inspired. What really floats their boat.

Which leads us onto needs. What's missing, what needs strengthening, what's faded away, and what's never even been thought of. Yet.

And woven through of all this are demographics, ensuring that we've obtained a great sample, and helping us to understand any differences between groups within that sample.

In a world of jargon where words talk long and loud, we keep it real. Also known as keeping it plain and simple, giving you the facts without the fiction, and making sure that we speak the same beautiful language.

Add really competitive pricing, a timescale which sticks like glue to how quickly YOU want and need it to, and an ability to get you into the hearts and minds of the people you're interested in. Keeping it real, really matters.

We know that you need things really quickly, that things change, and that you may just want something that's a bit inspiring and a little different, without losing any of the human touch that you and your colleagues can relate to.

We've developed an approach to ensure that what you want is exactly what you get.

You can see exactly how our customers value this approach by clicking here.

Our mission is to provide a customer-focused research service with instant access, fast turnaround and high quality products which make a real difference. In short, we get results which speak for themselves, in terms of timing, cost and presentation. And best of all…client satisfaction.

"I don't know how to begin to thank Lisa for the job she has done. Not in my wildest dreams did I expect such a professionally written and aesthetically pleasing report. Lisa was more aware of my needs than I was. I truly appreciate the time she took at the outset to get the facts right and in doing so, to reassure. Because Lisa got the preliminaries spot-on she finished far more quickly than I expected. Such professionalism is rare and I want the community to know just what an exceptional researcher Lisa Grabham is. She's a credit to the research world and if the quality of her work is an indication of future success, then she has a very bright future. I look forward to doing business with Lisa in the future".

Client, Association of Professional Tutors, UK

"Really prompt and very professional report produced. We are really pleased with this work and appreciated your professional expertise. Thanks for being so swift with our amendment requests - we really appreciate your efforts on this! Hope to work with you in the future."

Client, Hillier Hopkins LLP, UK

Our reports combine the numerical accuracy and precision of statistics with the more 'human face' of descriptive comments, 'feelings' based perceptions and great, bespoke designs.

We offer you a range of report formats from executive summaries to comprehensive and detailed.

We do more than SIMPLY MAKING SENSE of your data, presenting it clearly, and giving it FOCUS. We present you with a BEAUTIFUL BUNDLE OF KNOWLEDGE that matters, tied up with a perfect bow, in a format that allows you to systematically make sense of the STORY THE RESEARCH TELLS.

Did we mention that we have twenty five years experience in conducting a vast and varied range of research studies, and corporate and departmental consultation exercises, and have worked with clients from a number of local authorities in addition to independent and voluntary organisations?

We've worked across the UK and beyond, with finance corporations, leading journalists, insurance and HR specialists, authors and a whole range of UK public sector organisations and companies, including:

• Allerdale Borough Council

• Ashington Town Council

• Bridging Newcastle Gateshead

• Central Scotland Forest Trust

• Derwentside District Council

• Fairhurst Ltd.

• Gateshead Borough Council

• Gateshead Housing Company

• Hartlepool New Deal for Communities

• Newcastle City Council

• North Tyneside Council

• Sedgefield Borough Council

• Social Regeneration Consultants

• Wirral Borough Council

Internationally, we've worked for clients in Australia, across the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and France.


We are fully committed to the role of information analysis and research in identifying and effectively and appropriately responding to the needs and demands of customers. Our clients deal with important policy issues, often necessitating a high-speed turnaround, whilst embracing a high quality study and conclusions.

The research we undertake incorporates originality, high standards and a commitment to quality.

We nurture a reputation for producing a diverse and creative range of analytical research studies and guarantee to meet your deadlines.

Where does your need end and our dedicated service begin? With our first valuable discussion.

We never say never. Instead, we listen to your aims, help crystallise your requirements, and then just do it, negotiating hurdles and navigating the best road to results.

We pride ourselves on detail and know that sometimes you need to see both the wood AND the trees.

Why mess with simplicity? At eljay research we believe in keeping things uncomplicated. This lets us maintain focus and direction and ensures that the information we generate is clear and concise.

Sometimes, there seems to be an unwritten rule in business that professional sacrifices warm and friendly. We think that's sad. We want you to have all three. So you'll always see us professional AND friendly, and you'll see what a difference that makes.

We want you to think we're more than just good. That's why we put our heart and soul into your research. Why we put you first, and why we get such great feedback from our clients.


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You. Australia.

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"Excellent and fast work analyzing and reporting a survey with a tight deadline, minimal direction, and a new client. This was our first experience working together and definitely not our last."
"Lisa did an outstanding job of my report. She had a total handle on the brief and delivered on time. Her data analysis was spot on, writing and layout design exceptionally professional and her communications prompt and polite. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
"Lisa was such a pleasure to work with. She made the process very easy and seemed to really "get" what I was going towards. Quick yet extremely thorough!"
"We have worked with Eljay Research on a number of large and small projects across the UK. They produce high quality, professional outputs on time, and on budget. Their team are a delight to work with - dedicated, hard working and personable people, making partnerships what they should be - strong trusting and productive."
"Lisa blew me away with not only the quality of work but also the quickness in communication and project completion. My expectations were so exceeded that I know when I need similar work completed in the future, this contractor would be my first choice. The level of expertise in the questionnaire construction field was demonstrated beyond a doubt. It goes without saying, I would recommend Lisa to anyone."